Renkow Mechanical, Inc.

Our story

Renkow Mechanical, Inc. is a Union full-service Commercial, Industrial and Biomedical HVAC mechanical contractor, serving the state of California since 1999.

We offer an extensive range of mechanical construction services, including all facets of cooling, heating, DX refrigerant piping, chilled water piping, and condenser water piping systems.

Our team of highly-trained technicians specialize in design-build, fast-track tenant improvement, server/IT rooms, clean room installations, plan and spec installations, service and repairs.

Clients choose us because of our background, education and expertise.

There are no projects too big or too technical  – Renkow does it right the first time, since 1999.


Meet The Team

Michael Renkow

Owner & President

Mike’s been in the HVAC trade for nearly 50 years and still enjoys the challenge of managing the team and tackling difficult projects.  There’s no project too big or technical that he can’t handle.

His team’s fast response times, and “done right the first time” attitude is the reason Renkow Mechanical has been a trusted partner since 1999.

He enjoys tennis, golf, and spending family time with his kids at his homes in Palm Springs & Hawaii.

Bryan Cobbett

Service Manager

Bryan started as a sheet metal worker in 2000, then moved up to Service Manager in 2016.

A certified technician on most manufacturer’s equipment, his vast array of knowledge and attention to detail mean there’s no problem he can’t solve quickly.

When he’s not managing our service department, he’s building and racing cars.

Danny Jimenez


Danny’s been in the HVAC trade for nearly 25 years, 10 years as a Foreman.

His “whatever it takes” attitude, combined with extensive knowledge of sheet metal, duct design and mechanical systems means he’s quick to find solutions to unexpected problems in the field.

When he’s not overseeing our installation team, he loves camping, hiking and archery.

Chris Hendrix


Chris has been in the HVAC trade for over 25 years, 15 years as a Foreman.

A talented crew manager, his broad knowledge of HVAC and duct systems help him empower his team to overcome any fit and function problems they run into in the field.

When he’s not overseeing sub-contractors, he’s traveling, playing golf, and watching Yankees baseball.

Brad Lawrence


Brad has been in the HVAC trade for more than 10 years, 3 years as a Foreman.

His knowledge of sheet metal, high level of integrity, and energetic “get it done” attitude sets the gold standard for quality of work among his peers.

When he’s not double-checking his measurements, he loves 4-wheeling and mountain biking.

Ralph Castaneda


Ralph has been in the HVAC trade for nearly 30 years, over 10 years as a Foreman.

His methodical work style and attention to detail, combined with experience in every possible design and installation over nearly 30 years means he can fix almost anything.

When he’s not “saving the day” with last-second repairs, he’s listening to Jazz and Blues on vinyl records.

Luis Del Toro

Piping Superintendent, Foreman

Luis has nearly 25 years in the HVAC trade, 10 years as a Piping Superintendent Foreman.

A master pipefitter and plumber, he’s a hard-working problem solver that never leaves until the job’s done correctly.

When he’s not managing his crew, he loves hiking and relaxing at the beach.